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The Drama Triangle. A very useful model

This is my version of the Drama Triangle which is a model invented by Stephen Karpman. You can research it online and find lots of articles and diagrams. I hope this version makes sense. To be honest it makes more and more sense to me, and is more and more useful, the more I work […]

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Five minute stress reduction note

STRESS REDUCTION Learning to be confident and relaxed in the face of everyday stress. The basic point of this note is this: as soon as we become anxious the body reflects and expresses this…. in two main ways – 1. holding the breath and 2. tensing the muscles.  This is the Freeze reflex which is […]

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My first webinar 6 May.

This workshop included a lookat the whole concept and experience of “stress“ with this analytical approach:  The word “stress” very unhelpfully rolls up a demanding event or situation together with the subjective reaction to that. The implication is that certain “stressful” events inevitably cause “stress”. It is much more helpful to look very carefully and […]

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Stress and looking after ourselves – a 15 minute read

How to be a Happier, Healthier, more Efficient and Ever Youthful Workaholic! That is not just a gimmicky title. I am trying to address immediately the suspicion that people may have that stress management or Well-being will involve doing less work. Some judges have kindly suggested just that. Sadly, most of us find that is […]

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Stress management and more – a 30 minute read

Stress management – and more. A fuller body / mind note.  A 30 minute read with a bit of science and visualisations – including the two I use in workshops.  To start with an important distinction about stress: In talking about stress, there are two approaches, not mutually exclusive. And obviously people need to address […]

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Complex (or childhood) PTSD – Adverse childhood experiences

Complex (or childhood) PTSD – Adverse childhood experiences. And how universal they are. And why – in what way our culture and societies have slowly become increasingly and invisibly unhealthy or adverse for children growing up. This note is long – and yet also too short – as it is extremely compressed. So compressed as […]

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Our culture of permanent adolescence – anger, stress and other addictions

This is adapted from a talk I was invited to give at the Manchester and District Medico-Legal Society. 15 February 2012. Crisis:  Our culture of permanent adolescence –  anger, stress and other addictions. This is ambitious – very general and only from my own thinking – not relying on other writers, rexts etc. So how […]

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What are the brakes on therapy and emotional healing?

What are the brakes on therapy and emotional healing? Identify them and release them. A note for my Spectrum postgrad group about possibly making therapy more effective. I suspect we have all had experience of mentioning psychotherapy in a social situation and having people tell us why they would never do psychotherapy and/or why they […]

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Some ideas about parenting

NOTES FOR THE CHELTENHAM WORKSHOP ON PARENTING PARENTING – DO WE NEED A WORKSHOP?! Parenting really has arrived now. 10 years ago when my partner and I did a parenting course people looked doubtful and spoke about it with sarcastic heavy inverted commas “Parenting”?! Surely it’s just common sense? Or instinct? … You can’t really […]

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New Scientist letter: Memory recovery and therapy

Published 4 November 2015 From David Jockelson Doubtless there are some therapists guilty of instilling false memories (10 October, p 8). But it would be tragic if this occasional bad practice makes us doubt the value of psychological work and the need to listen to victims. The experience of church abuse shows that the pendulum […]

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