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Month: October 2016

Some ideas about parenting

NOTES FOR THE CHELTENHAM WORKSHOP ON PARENTING PARENTING – DO WE NEED A WORKSHOP?! Parenting really has arrived now. 10 years ago when my partner and I did a parenting course people looked doubtful and spoke about it with sarcastic heavy inverted commas “Parenting”?! Surely it’s just common sense? Or instinct? … You can’t really […]

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New Scientist letter: Memory recovery and therapy

Published 4 November 2015 From David Jockelson Doubtless there are some therapists guilty of instilling false memories (10 October, p 8). But it would be tragic if this occasional bad practice makes us doubt the value of psychological work and the need to listen to victims. The experience of church abuse shows that the pendulum […]

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